August in Review

August in Review

As August transitions into September we here at SOS Outdoors would like to thank everyone who has made this month as spectacular as it has been. We stayed busy as we introduced new classes, sold top of the line gear, and helped people get ready for their next big adventure.

One of our new classes was on Pack Management. This class takes into perspective what is needed and not needed when preparing your pack. Many people tend to severely overpack when preparing for their adventures, this class not only helps clear up any confusion when planning your gear but also can save you a lot of hassle and weight in the future - pack lighter, travel quicker.

Next, we hosted the Land Nav 1 class. This class is a great introduction to navigation with a compass and topographical map. A simple and useful tool, the compass is often overlooked as a necessity in modern day excursions. Know where you have been and know where you are to help get where you’re going.

Lastly, we held the Water Procurement in the Wilderness class. Even though each and every class holds an importance all its own, water procurement is an absolute necessity for survival and can not be put on the back burner. This is the second class in the Backpacking 101 series and is needed to reach the Overnight Trip class. We showed the importance of location, of supplying and resupplying, and then finally purifying.

At first glance that water doesn’t seem so tasty, does it? We showed them how to make it better.

As an update for the products, we are pleased to announce that we are now carrying these brands in addition to the rest: MSR and Mountain House. Don’t forget to pick up a new Vanquest pack for putting your awesome new gear in.