Land Navigation

Land Nav I

Use of a map and compass is a skill few people use in today's world of electronic devices,  Whether you are hunter, fisherman, backpacker or hiker you will learn the use of a compass and topography map to help you find your way.


4-6 hours


Land Nav II

We will cover different types of compasses and maps as well as on-line resources to help you safely plan your trip.  You will learn the basics of self mapping and use your skills to complete a land navigation course in the Eastern KY woodlands.

Primitive methods of navigating and finding direction are also taught 

4-6 hours

global positioning system

Global Positioning System

Learn to use your Global Positioning System the right way.  We will cover common coordinate systems,  datum sets and common settings to make sure you know how to use your GPS for emergencies as well as day to day activities

Using the skills you have learned you will complete several land navigation courses in the Eastern KY Woodlands

6 hours


Tarp Shelters

Learn the different configurations a tarp can make and how best to apply them. Survival Tarp for you to keep included.

4 hour class

Natural Shelter

Learn from your experienced instructors how to build a micro-climate from what is around you in the wilderness, that will protect you from what nature throws at you. 

8 hour class


Learn to make tinder, accelerants and fire from many different methods. Includes a Ferro-rod for you to keep.

4-6 hour class

Sustainable Survival

group hike

Group Hike Wild Edibles and Medicinals

Join us as we take a hike through the wilderness identifying  flora, and talk about how this applies to Survival. Lead by Instructor Tina Potter

Beginners Level

jewel weed

Processing Wild Edibles and Medicinals

Our wild edibles and medicinals processing class is designed to you how to process, prepare, cook, preserve and eat these plants.

leather tools

Basic Leather Working

Learn the basics of leather working and go home with knowledge and the leather item you made with your hands.

90 minute class


bug out bag

Bug Out Bag Essentials

Learn what you need to survive a 24 hour or 72 hour emergency.  4 hours

knife and sheath

Cutting Tools

Know the right cutting tool to help you survive in day to day and emergency situation.  Learn the proper techniques to keep your cutting tools sharp and in good working order.

2 hours

Backpacking 101

back pack

Pack Load Management

Learn how to prepare a pack by sorting through your items to discover your needs and wants. This is the first class in the course to help you develop the skills to be self sufficient while backpacking.

Class time 2hrs


Water Procurement in the Wilderness

Learn how to supply and resupply yourself with water using different methods of filtering and purifying. This is an outdoor class and you will be hiking with some gear. This is the second step and essential to completing the course.

Class time 1/2 day


Overnight Trip

This is the final class to complete the course and a test of your abilities.  Spend an overnight adventure in the wilderness with only what you can carry with one of our trusted instructors.