EmberLit Original Stainless Steel Stove

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The Emberlit Camp Stove is a lightweight, compact, and easy to use wood burning stove that doesn't require you to carry any fuel.  It packs completely flat at about 1/8" in thick, weighs only 11.3 oz (Stainless steel).  Properly fed, the Emberlit Stove requires minimal effort to produce and maintain an even flame with little or no smoke.  A couple handfuls of twigs and sticks gathered on the trail is more than enough to boil water and cook a full meal.  Dimensions:  5" x 5" x 6."  Made in the USA.

  • Storage sleeve: A simple, robust storage sleeve for your EmberLit stove. Made in the USA, the rubberized nylon material is strong enough to protect the rest of your gear from any sharp edges on the stove, yet weighs only 1.05 oz.  The bag is not intended as a hot pad and the stove should be cool to the touch before storage.