Escape into the Forest

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When we last saw Ember, she had followed her intuition into the forest, determined to uncover

the secrets that were buried deep inside. And she did so, only to be bombarded on her way out

by a ruthless storm, violently interrupting her mission to reveal the villainous truth.


From the faithful beginning of 'Secrets in the Forest' until its brutal end, the premier installment

of Tina Potter and Kenny Dietrich's breakthrough Survival Ember series kept us learning both

practically and spiritually, and reminds us to reflect on our own connection to nature while also

addressing one of the most pressing problems in the world today. Book 2 is no different, as we

continue to follow the valiant quarry of sixteen-year-old Ember and her survivalist father, John,

as they uncover the true nature and intention of Niki, the suspicious woman from the woods.

Join Ember on a journey within her own mind, as it inevitably leads her, yet again, into the

cryptic, enigmatic depths of the forest. Will it remain as the comforting asylum of her past, or

will the darkness take over for good?