Wazoo Viking Whetstone Pendant | Knife Sharpening Necklace

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World famous genuine Arkansas Novaculite (99% pure silica), the rarest and finest abrasive stone in existence.
Great general purpose field stone for edge maintenance. Medium fineness (600-800 relative grit size).
Typically, stones in this grade are lily white in color, however, the manufacturer has been kind in the past to seek out unique colors and patterns especially for us when available. *Sorry, we cannot let people pick colors. Just have to let the stone pick the person.
Each stone has been carefully chosen, hand cut, ground and drilled.
Custom Color. We call the rich colored and conditioned leather cord, Antiqued Mahogany Brown.
Unique Knot. The “Napoleon Claw” knot is inspired by Viking/Celtic knot-work and is thought to be an otherwise unknown knot before Bart Colosino brought it to our attention.
Each whetstone comes with a made-in-the-USA double drawstring muslin bag and each has been hand-stamped with a custom Viking emblem.
Stone dimensions: 1.9"L x 1"W x .25"H